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Professional Technology Services

Taking the Mystery Out of Business Technology

At gWiz Professional Technology Services, we specialize in providing personalized IT support to small businesses and home based offices. As your trusted advisor, we offer:



After reviewing your IT challenges and budget, you will receive a personalized solution specific to your needs, all at a competitive price.

24/7 Proactive Management0%

Storage Management and Recovery0%

Microsoft Office 3650%

Project Management and Installation0%

Problem Diagnosis and Resolution0%


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Projects Done

24/7 Proactive Management

Around the Clock Monitoring You Can Count On

gWiz Professional Technology Services offers comprehensive professional network monitoring that includes Desktops and Laptops at flat monthly rates. gWiz staff monitors device alerts, filters alarms and does the problem analysis for you. Our Network Operation Center (NOC) provides 24 hour, 7 day per week visibility with monitoring and management of Windows-based equipment. Your staff will be allowed to focus their efforts on project work and strategic initiatives, instead of keeping up with alerts, while IT costs are contained for easier budgeting.


Primary Benefits Include:

  • Reduced investment in infrastructure
    Eliminate the need for building and maintaining infrastructure, training staff and purchasing expensive tools
  • Less menial work for internal staff
    NOC staff monitors and separates Critical and Non-Critical issues with appropriate escalation paths
  • Increased asset utilization
    Deploy senior technical staff to more critical project work and increase efficiency gWiz


Managed Services at a Glance

  • 24×7 monitoring
  • Anti-Virus
  • Anti-Spyware
  • LogMeIn Pro
  • Alerts and intelligent escalation
  • Categorization of alerts by Network Operations Center
  • Problem analysis by Network Operations Center expert team
  • Steps to resolution and ticket by staff


Remote Desktop Monitoring

  • 24×7 monitoring with email notification to gWiz and Client
  • Critical Issue Alert: Escalation based on issue and open time, monitor software and hardware components
  • Software Patch Management: Desktop software inventory and anti-virus software provided by client
  • Anti-Virus, Anti-Spyware and LogMeIn Pro
  • Personal Phone Alert & Problem Analysis: On receiving a Critical alert, the NOC team investigates the compromised system and makes a personal call alerting yourteam about the occurrence of that Critical event. Subsequently our expert team swings into action to analyze the cause of the problem and document the steps for resolution.
  • Security/Preventative Maintenance Services: gWiz’s NOC services includes White
    and Blacklisting of critical (Microsoft OS & application) security patches and many
    more preventative maintenance services. Flexible installation of these patches can
    be done either by gWiz or your staff.
  • Asset Tracking: Comprehensive tracking of all software and hardware included on
    each Desktop and Laptop. Asset tacking provides information on configuration,
    software and computer identification to allow prompt problem resolution.
  • Device reporting for your workstations and printers. These
    reports will include information for technical changes in assets, Microsoft updates,
    Spyware and Anti-Virus, as well as customized reporting based on your needs.

Storage Management and Recovery Tools

The Ultimate Backup Solution for Your Company


If you find yourself in a situation where you have to deal with an explosion in the volume of your business data, you are not alone. With the accelerating pace of data creation, accumulation and diffusion is becoming an increasingly common phenomenon among companies throughout the world today. Data are growing exponentially due to widespread use of the internet, email and media-rich software. As early as 2002, International Data Corporation (IDA) projected a dizzying annual data growth rate of 80%.


Conventional Approaches to Backup are Not Optimal
“Unstructured” conventional backup methodologies, such as tape, CD Rom and external hard drive are ineffective because:

  • Slow tape read/write speed
  • No proactive detection of back-up problems before performing restoration
  • High maintenance costs
  • Expensive offsite storage of tape library
  • Reduced flexibility for backup caused by fixed capacity per media backup
  • Higher likelihood of occurrence of negligence induced problems (e.g. lost or misplaced data)


gWiz SMART A-Click Backup
Online Backup Manager features an easy-to-use interface, which is most suitable for backing up desktop and laptop computers The virtue of critical data is so that the data can be restored as originals if and when data loss occurs. With gWiz SMART, data will be copied, compressed, 128-bit/256-bit encrypted and finally uploaded to a remote server located offsite through Secure Socket Layers (SSL). The backed up data are 100% restorable to their original formats, when needed, by simply clicking a few buttons.


Platforms and Common Databases Supported

gWiz SMART A-Click Backup supports leading operating systems which can run Java 2 Runtime Environment, essential to Windows workstations and NAS devices.


System Requirements

Supported Platforms Hardware
Mac OS:
X 10.2 or above
512 MB (minimum)
2048 MB ( recommended)
Disk Space:
110 MB

Microsoft Office 365

What is Office365? Among other things, Office365:


  • Allows users to add online file storage, syncing, and sharing that works flawlessly with your email with complete control and security
  • A simple and easy-to-use online storage, backup, and sharing solution for its users
  • Lets you start with a simple Office365 plan and add more without the hassle! Office365 software enables a simple upgrade path to additional Office 365 offerings whenever you’re are ready
  • Provides file security. Such as how Cloud saved files are not lost when local hard drives fail or are stolen, or if an employee leaves the company and takes the computer and files with them
  • Is built with Exchange email technology, and is the leading email solution for business around the world
  • Offers its users 50GB mailboxes that can send messages up to 25MB in size, with contacts, shared calendars and spam and malware protection that stays up to date
  • Is available across various platforms on your PC or Mac, as well as Windows Phone, iPhone, Android, and Blackberry devices

Project Management and Installation

From the start to finish of your project, we’ll help your company successfully implement a vast variety of business technology including:

  • Computers – Tablets, Laptops, Desktops
  • Networks – Wired, Wireless
  • Printers – Multifunction, Networked, Dedicated
  • Software – Cloud Based, Commercial, Industry Specific

Once we mutually determine the products that are best for you, gWiz will handle the:

  • Selection
  • Purchase
  • Installation
  • Integration

We’ll oversee all aspects of the project by coordinating and facilitating:

  • Overall project strategy
  • Internal (staff) liaison
  • External (vendor) liaison

Based on the specific project gWiz will develop:

  • Project plans
  • Deliverables
  • Schedules

Problem Diagnosis and Resolution

Either onsite or remotely gWiz will take the mystery out of your business technology frustrations.  Your computer challenges and concerns are our top priority and will be met with prompt and consistent service.  Some symptoms that may affect your computer and your daily operations are:

  • Computer won’t power up
  • Computer powers up but monitor is blank
  • Computer won’t boot from hard drive
  • Windows won’t start up properly
  • Websites won’t load
  • Annoying or aggressive pop-ups

Your business depends on your computers and network to run smoothly, securely and with optimum efficiency. You can depend on gWiz to provide the service and knowledge you need to protect your assets and data, and show you how to strengthen and secure your computers.  To arrive at a resolution, we follow a strict methodology that includes:

  • Computer scan with multiple tools
  • Security Diagnosis
  • Identification and Removal of Unnecessary Programs. Add-ins and Extensions
  • Ensure Critical Software Updates are applied
  • Implement Secure Changes